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Project Summary

The role of tourism in rural development today is undisputable. More and more rural municipalities realise that the development of tourism could economically strengthen their municipalities and regions in the long run. The project’s objective is the implementation of a pilot action, in which the utilisation of local values and services in tourism promotes the development of small communities. The project embraces traditional folk professions, local values and products and will provide them with a suitable venue for exhibiting and sale. The foundation of the project shall be the inventory of the region’s traditional professions as well as its flora and fauna. This will be in close relation with the joint awareness raising days (functioning also as trainings), bilingual eco-farming camps and knowledge transfer, exhibitions and local product tastings. A trilingual mobile app shall be developed for the promotion of local tastes and values amongst adults and young people, and a trilingual storybook shall also be published to reach out to children. This way the project can reach all age groups without discrimination. The investments (Gate of Topola, Eco-Farm) shall serve as interactive and informative junctions for the aforementioned. Nature trails would also be built, which shall also broaden the eco-tourism opportunities. We could even call the investments visitors’ centres, since they fulfill the purpose of developing and popularising the destinations, as well as promoting common tourism products. In accordance with the above, related events and local values will be emphasised during the project. All these elements contribute to coaxing tourists into extending their visits. Furthermore, the cooperation shall act as a catalyst for networking, in which actors’ capacity building will spur undertakings in the field of tourism.


The role of tourism in rural development today is indisputable. More and more rural municipalities realise that the development of tourism could economically strengthen their municipalities and regions in the long run. The project is based upon the concepts of the municipalities’ development and knowledge transfer. It stems from a previous domestic project that the Municipality of Kiskunmajsa has implemented via state grants. This way they were able to lay the foundations, develop and elaborate this project proposal. Both municipalities have touristically exceptional qualities, and the flora and fauna population of the area is also significant. It is on these assets that the municipalities are basing their tourist attraction development plans. The infrastructure and social background required to implement the project are momentarily unavailable. These areas, that shall work as autonomous units – while preserving local architectural heritage of the 19th century – can serve as prime venues for the display of local products and promotion of local values. Currently there are no similar endevours being carried out in these municipalities, and these forms of increasing the attractiveness of their tourism services are also absent. Apart from
developing the municipalities, the project also aims to unite actors of tourism, promote networking and the promotion of local products and values. Bács-Kiskun county’s tourism development plan gives priority to the diversification of local products and tourism services that are based upon local values.


On the Hungarian side, – in line with the County and National Tourism Development Plan – Eco-Farm shall feature a petting zoo, garden, barn theatre, storage facilities and utility buildings. On the Serbian side, the Gate of Topola shall be a visitors’ centre, featuring an info desk and meeting point. These investments have to potential to increase green
foundations’ capacities and efficiency while providing new opportunities and tools for professionals of the social sector. The newly established database fills a void, and shall be the basis of the project. The two investments will become the fulfillment of the project. The new visitors’ centres will be open to all, free of charge. They would be ideal destinations for students, school groups, people with disadvantages, tourists, etc. In connection with the
investments, new nature trails would also be built, thus connecting various other community spaces. All of the above broaden the scope of quality leisurely activities available in the target region. They offer new venues and opportunities for citizens, tourists and families to relax, participate in events that focus on knowledge transfer, and knowledge transfer via the awareness raising trainings.The events, programmes and exhibitions all increase citizens’
living standards of the municipalities.By promoting, motivating and supporting local values and local products, local producers/small farmers/traditional handicraftsmen will all play significant roles in implementation.The municipalities wish to include civil organisations and establishments from the region in the project’s implementation,which will play an important part in enhancing the networking process. The bilingual camps will not only servebringing the children closer to nature, but also to bring the two country’s cultures and traditions closer to each other. It is in this way that the area will become more attractive, not only to the locals, but also to visitors of the area.


The objective is to develop a tourism network or services, products and goods, based on natural values as well as supporting local producers via inclusion in a database of local values and assets. Knowledge transfer/camps/trainings will be implemented as well as a story book and mobile application.

Common Efforts for Tourims

Project number: HUSRB/1602/31/0081

EU contribution: 496 696,81 EUR


Local Government of Kiskunmajsa

György Váraljai

Fő u. 82.
Kiskunmajsa, 6130

Municipality of Backa Topola

Endre Balassa

Maršala Tita u. 30.
Bácska-Topolya, 24300

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