Image by Ian Wilson from Pixabay

The partneship will provide some opportunities for the local producers to introduce theirs local values, local handmade products. With these exhibitions/taste of local products the partnership will promote and support the local heritages/values, which will be shown at the area of investments. Furthermore they would like to implement a marketing activities in the interest of supporting the project elements. With the investments/visitor centers the partnership will foster the rural and eco-tourism and they will implement a knowledge transfer also with the raising awareness  programs/trainings. These contribute to encourage the visitors to spend a longer stay at the area. They will create a trilingual mobile application from the database, which will be useful for adults and youth and in the interest of reaching children, they will create a trilingual story book also. This project will provide nature/leisure programs with natural trails, camps, raising awareness events/trainings and investments.
14 events will be held during the project implementation. 2 bilingual camps, 3-3 knowledge transfer/awareness raising programs, 2-2 exhibitons/taste of Local products, 1-1 opening ceremonies at both sides.

Elements of the project:

  • 2 databases (1 at Hungarian, 1 at Serbian side) about the industrial crops, livestock and traditional crafts
  • 2 bilingual camps for children (1 at Hungarian, 1 at Serbian side) (1-1 week)
  • 6 informative programmes/trainings (3 at Hungarian, 3 at Serbian side) – one day event
  • 4 exhibitions of local products (2 at Hungarian, 2 at Serbian side) – one day event
  • trilingual mobile application for youths and adults, trilingual story book for children (they based on the database)
  • 2 natural trails (one at HU;one at SRB with infopoint) with direction panels
  • investment of Eco-Farm and Gate of Topola
  • opening conference and professional meeting at Topola, final conference at Kiskunmajsa
  • Event by the Lake of Topola
  • Opening ceremony of the EcoFarm
  • Communication, project management activities